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Hello! The Web Development Wiki is a really creative Wiki in which you can read how to program on any web development programming languages and get frequent news about what is going on. Now, some of you might be like “what in the world is web development?!”. Actually, it is really simple - it is creating your own website. When I first found out you could make websites, I was freaking out and searching all of the tutorials to program as I could. For anyone else freaking out, welcome and feel free to learn web development.

Getting into the more complicated side, if you have to make a really fantastic website you need to know these three programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language”, a markup language that enabled the encoding of website content in to a user-readable format. CSS stands for “Cascading Stylesheets”, and this language allows you to style your entire website via adding specific rules to elements. JavaScript does not stand for anything, and it has nothing to do with Java - but it gets a lot more complicated than HTML and CSS. We recommend learning those two first.

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